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don’t tell him about microwaves

Am I the only one envisioning the guards giving out Peeps of various colors to all the prisoners, all of which promptly go missing, baffling everyone?  Then, cue Detective Fulbright going to inform Prosecutor Blackquill of this and finding his cell full of colored Peeps.

I doodled this right after posting that comic and it seems like a good response to this reblog:


Chasing Phantoms, Epilogue


Characters: Simon Blackquill, Bobby Fulbright, the Wright Anything Agency, Miles Edgeworth and a few notable names from the Criminal Affairs department.
Fandom: Ace Attorney.
Pairings: Blackbright.
Warnings/rating: Warnings for Dual Destinies spoilers!
Summary: Our story reaches its end, but new beginnings are just around the corner.

You can find the previous chapters in my Fanfiction tag!

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